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Professor and Chair
Information Systems Department
Weatherhead School of Management
Case Western Reserve University
Cleveland, Ohio 44106-7235

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On May 20th Mark Pinto and I offered a one day executive education program on Managing Visually at Case Western Reserve University.

I proposed the creation of Production Mutual Funds on the ThinkOOB site.

Dick Boland, Dick Buchanan, Julia Grant and I wrote an editorial on The Real Future of the MBA that is available at Harvard Business Publishing. It questions the media's propensity to search for innovations in management education by looking only at the most highly rated business schools; something that they don't typically do in other industries.

For seven hours on May 9th of 2003, over ninety faculty, staff, and students were trapped in our offices as our building was taken over by a gunman. During that time, many of us communicated by email with one another and with relatives and friends ourside the building. My son, Peter, collected together many of the emails from that day.
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