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The objective of this book is to simplify the process of learning such courses as discrete math, linear algebra, abstract algebra, and real analysis by explaining the following concepts:
Closed-form Solutions Numerical-Method Solutions
Unification Generalization
Abstraction Axiomatic Systems
Mathematical Proofs Understanding Definitions
Identifying Similarities and Differences Translating Visual Images to Symbolic Form


This undergraduate-level book is suitable as a text for a transition-to-advanced-math course, as a supplement to any course involving theoretical reasoning, or for self-guided reading.

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Table of Contents

1. What's the Use of Mathematics

1.1 Using Mathematics to Solve Specific Problems

1.2 Unification

1.3 Identifying Similarities and Differences

1.4 Generalization

1.5 Abstraction

1.6 Mathematical Proofs

2. Working with Mathematical Concepts

2.1 Creating and Working with Images

2.2 Creating Definitions

2.3 Developing Axiomatic Systems

3. Selected Topics in Discrete Mathematics
4. Selected Topics in Linear Algebra
5. Selected Topics in Abstract Algebra
6. Selected Topics in Real Analysis
Appendix A: Summary of Proof Techniques
Solutions to Odd-Numbered Exercise

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Order Information

Title: The Keys to Advanced Mathematics
Edition/Year: First Edition, 1995
Author: Daniel Solow
ISBN #: 0-9644519-0-5
Publisher: Books Unlimited, Inc.
Distributor: BookMasters, Inc.
  30 Amber Pkwy
  PO Box 388
  Ashland, OH 44805
  Phone: (800) 247-6553
  Fax:     (419) 247-6553

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