Making Numbers Meaningful to Students, Managers, and Investors

Business Animator provides a holistic overview of a product, firm, industry, or sector's performance. It uses key ratio data to provide an impression of overall health. It uses animation to provide a sense of how things are changing through time.

The demonstration version here was used in experiments in which subjects were asked to determine on the basis of five years which firms would go bankrupt in the sixth. We found that the subjects using it were able to determine this more accurately than those using spreadsheets or conventional graphs.

After viewing the five year animation at the right click here to learn if this company went bankrupt in the sixth.

You can run a demonstration verion of Business Animator on Macintosh and Windows computers. The demonstration includes five years of data for thirteen retailers, some of which went bankrupt. It runs in the Max environment from Cycling 74. If you don't have Max you'll need to download a copy of it as well; the Runtime version is free.
Business Animator is Copyright 2005-2009 by Fred Collopy, Richard J. Boland, Jr. and Julia Grant.