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  • Program Committee member, Western Finance Association Meetings, Las Vegas, June 2012; Lake Tahoe, June 2013; Monterey, June 2014; Seattle, June 2015.
  • Program Committee member, FMA European Conference Meetings, Glasgow, June 2018.
  • Program Committee member, European Finance Association, Cambridge, August 2013; Lugano, August 2014; Vienna, August 2015; Oslo, August 2016.
  • Program Committee member, Financial Management Association Meetings, Atlanta, October 2012; Orlando, October 2015; Las Vegas, October 2016, Boston, October 2017, San Diego, October 2018, New Orleans, October 2019, New York, October 2020, Denver, October 2021, Atlanta, October 2022.
  • Program Committee member, Midwest Finance Association Meetings, Chicago, March 2015; Atlanta, March 2016.
  • Program Committee member, European Financial Management Association, Basel, June 2016, Athens, June 2017, Milan, June 2018, Rome, June 2022.
  • Program Committee member, Eastern Finance Association Meetings, Philadelphia, April 2018, Boston, April 2020.
  • Scientific Committee member, Research Symposium on Finance and Economics, 2023.
  • Program Committee member, Southern Finance Association Meetings, Charleston, November 2012.
  • Comment Letter to SEC on Swaps proposal, March 2022.
  • Session Chair, Midwest Finance Association Meetings, Atlanta, March 2016; World Finance Conference, Venice, July 2014; Financial Management Association Meetings, Salt Lake City, October 2006.
  • Weatherhead School of Management Master of Finance Program Director, 2012-date.
  • Weatherhead School of Management Banking and Finance Department Chair, 2017-date.
  • Institute for Financial Management and Research, 2002- 2007.
    • Member, Board of Advisors
    • Instructor, Executive Education, MBA, and Ph.D programs.
  • Business As An Agent of World Benefit,
    • Presenter, B.A.W.B. Summit, October 2005
    • Co-Director of Institute for Studies in Micro Finance and Poverty Alleviation, 2005-2006
  • Panelist, Roundtable on Economic Crisis of 2008, Case Western Reserve University.
CNV Krishnan, PhD

CNV Krishnan

  • Faculty Director, MSM-Finance Program
  • Professor, Banking and Finance