Professor Sayan Chatterjee
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Guiding Principles

"Engage me and I will learn." - Benjamin Franklin
Recent Clients
A leading toy maker for pre-schoolers
A leading fluid system components maker for industrial clients
A leading space exploration organization
A leading manufactuer of custom color and, additive concentrates for the plastics industry
A leading OEM and retail tire manufacturer
A leading transportation company

My client engagements fall in the following broad categories. Executive education, facilitation of strategic planning processes, analysis of specific competitive strategies and review of corporate straetgy with a specifice focus on mergers and acquisition. Some examples follow.

Executive Education

This is typically a custom application of the concepts developed in my book and other publications. The concepts and methodologies developed in these publications are tailored by management groups working on their own to specific company situations (this example is an early version of the COAR methodology that I now use).

Facilitation of Strategic Planning

I also facilitate a high level development of strategic directions of business units with the participation of multiple functional heads. This is an effort to cut through functional silos and make the trade-offs clear to each function to mitigate traditional turf battles.

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