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Guiding Principles
Publishable in the highest quality outlets.
Contribute to a body of knowledge.
Relevant to practice.
Current Projects
Predicting Board Behavior when the Spotlight Falls on Them
A Framework for Predicting Merger Success
A Resource Interaction Typology of Mergers
Outsourcing as competitive advantage
For Academic and Practioner Audiences
  • Chatterjee S. , Harrison, J and Bergh, D. 2003. “Failed Takeover Attempts, Corporate Governance and Refocusing.” Strategic Management Journal . 24(1): 87-96. )
  • Chatterjee S. and Singh Jagdip. 1999. “Are Tradeoffs Inherent in Diversification Moves? A Simultaneous Model for Type of Diversification and Mode of Expansion Decisions.” Management Science 45: (1) 25-41, Jan.
For Practioner Audiences
  • Chatterjee S. 2004. Core Objectives: Clarity in Designing Strategy. Forthcomng. California Management Review
  • Chatterjee S. 2003. Enron's incremental descent into bankruptcy: A strategic and organisational analysis Long Range Planning, Vol 36 No 2 2003
    • Selected as the top 50 business articles in 2004 by Emerald Publishing
  • Chatterjee, S ., Wiseman, R. M., Fiegenbaum, A., & Devers, C. 2003. Integrating Behavioral and Economic Concepts of Risk into Strategic Management: The Twain Shall Meet. Long Range Planning . Vol 36 No 1 2003
  • Competitive Strategy Business Fundamentals
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