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Key Benefits and Viewable Material

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[Bullet] TABLE OF CONTENTS (contents.html or contents.pdf)

[Bullet] PREFACE (preface.html or preface.pdf)

[Bullet] APPLICATIONS--Each chapter begins with a realistic problem (problem.html or problem.pdf) to motivate the need for learning the subsequent material. Appropriate theory and technology are then used at the end of the chapter to solve the opening problem (solution.html or solution.pdf). Related project exercises (projexer.html or projexer.pdf) involve the student actively in technology-based problem solving--a feature students have responded to enthusiastically in class testing. Numerous other applications are drawn from physics, statistics, business, and computer science to illustrate where and how the techniques of linear algebra apply.
[Bullet] THEORY--Virtually all of the standard theorems in a first course are included. Solow’s unique systematic approach to explaining proofs(proof.html or proof.pdf)--presented in detail in Appendix A--makes this challenging material easier to follow.
[Bullet] REASONING--A unique feature found in no other Linear Algebra text is an explicit discussion of general thinking processes that arise not only in Linear Algebra, but also in all advanced mathematics courses. These thinking processes-- summarized in Appendix B and easily identified throughout the book by a keys icon-- include:
Closed-form Solutions Numerical-method Solutions
(closed.html or closed.pdf) (numer.html or numer.pdf)
Unification Generalization
(unifica.html or unifica.pdf) (general.html or general.pdf)
Abstraction Axiomatic Systems
(abstr.html or abstr.pdf) (axiom.html or axiom.pdf)
Proof Techniques Understanding Definitions
(proof.html or proof.pdf) (def.html or def.pdf)
Identifying Similarities and Differences Translating Visual Images to Symbolic Form
(simdif.html or simdif.pdf) (trans.html or trans.pdf)

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Title: The Keys to Linear Algebra: Applications, Theory, and Reasoning

Author: Daniel Solow

ISBN: 0-9644519-2-1

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BookMasters, Inc.    
P.O. Box 388    
1444 St. Route 42   Phone: (800) 247-6553
Ashland, OH 44805   Fax: (419) 281-6883

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