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  • Academic Leadership Development Programs for Women Faculty in Science and Engineering

  • Best Practices in Faculty Mentoring

  • Outcome of 19 Institutional Transformation Efforts to ADVANCE Gender Equity


  • Institutions Developing Excellence in Academic Leadership (IDEAL): Two Year Achievements

  • Breaking Barriers and Creating Inclusiveness: Lessons of Organizational Transformation to Advance Women Faculty in Academic Science and Engineering

    To develop a generalized framework for how organizations can enable gender equity through transforming their structures and cultures.

  • Leadership Development at ADVANCE Institutions

    Evaluation of formal and informal leadership at ADVANCE Institutions (with Virginia Valian)

  • ACES Executive Coaching Evaluation Summary

    Evaluation of ACES Executive Coaching initiative. ... Learn More

  • ACES Program Poster - 2008

    Focus: Description of ACES Program initiatives, outcomes, research, and evaluation. ... Learn More

  • Faculty Career Stages

    How do male and female faculty differ by career stage on measures of work effort, satisfaction, productivity, and compensation? Learn More

  • The Role of Research in Institutional Change: Evidence from ADVANCE Institutions

    Focus- ADVANCE Institutions; Program Activities, Evaluation & Impact; Research Projects, Findings, & Impact. ... Learn More

  • A Good Place to Do Science: A Case Study of an Academic Science Department

    To identify work environment factors that facilitate high quality science and inclusion, and generate theory about ... Learn more

  • The Academic Glass Ceiling: Women Faculty in STEM Fields

    The status of women faculty in academic STEM (science, technology, engineering, & management). The ... Learn More

  • Transforming the Faculty Mindset

    How can we characterize the faculty mindset at our universities? What problems does it create? What can be done to transform the faculty mindset? ... Learn More

  • Climate Survey - How Do Female and Male Faculty Members Construct Job Satisfaction?

    In this study we examine how a sample of 248 male and female professors at a Midwestern private research ... Learn more

IDEAL Videos – Negotiating an Academic Position

  • IDEAL Video Scenario 1

  • IDEAL Video Scenario 2

Diana Bilimoria, PhD

Diana Bilimoria

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