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Executive Education

Dr. Bilimoria provides highly-interactive workshops and seminars on the following topics:

  • Women in Leadership

    • Leadership Lab for Women in STEM

      Women are significantly underrepresented in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) professions. Women leave these professions at twice the rate of their male colleagues. Retaining women in technical fields has become a national priority and a primary concern for employers. The Leadership Lab for Women in STEM draws from more than a decade of research on what works to keep women engaged in STEM professions, and world-class practice in talent development.

    • High Impact Leadership for Women

      Women rising from management to leadership need a new set of skills, insights and philosophies. This program is designed to assist women in enhancing their leadership impact and contributions, forging new inroads and dispelling stereotypes. Specifically, the seminar and course materials are designed to provide an enhanced understanding of what it means to lead with high impact. In this highly interactive program, participants will identify the strategies and develop the real-world skills needed to lead effectively. In addition, specific tools and approaches will be provided to help women build work environments where leadership and empowerment are emphasized.

  • Leadership Development

    • Creating and Communicating Vision

      Leadership only occurs when people want to follow. To be a committed and engaged member of an organization, i.e., follower, we must want to belong, believe in, and want to give "our all" to the organization. The congruence of our personal vision, values, and philosophy with that of the organization and its culture determines the degree of our involvement, productivity, excitement, and innovation. An effective leader brings about the creation of a shared vision, essential to engaging and involving people in the organization, unit, department or program which he or she heads.

    • Inclusive Leadership

      Outstanding leaders create a climate where people are engaged, feel valued, are fully included in decisions and processes and actively contribute new ideas and ways of improvement. In this highly interactive program, we will discuss how inclusive leaders utilize emotional intelligence and knowledge of the value of diversity to leverage their employees’ overall effectiveness and contributions. Participants will develop the skills and competencies of inclusion needed to lead and manage global and diverse teams. Specific tools and approaches will be provided to help participants build work environments where inclusion and empowerment are emphasized.

  • Emotional Intelligence

    • Introduction to Emotional Intelligence

      Outstanding leaders, executives and managers distinguish themselves by their ability to understand and manage themselves and to understand and work with others. It is a given that technical and functional expertise is the foundation for effective performance. But Emotional Intelligence (EI) competencies overwhelmingly distinguish outstanding leaders from average performers. Participants in this program learn the concept of EI, its component competencies and how to use EI to stimulate outstanding performance. The class also offers techniques for developing EI competencies in others.

  • Communication Skills

    • Communication Skills for Technical Professionals

      Many IT and engineering professionals believe that great technical skills will guarantee professional success. However, it has become increasingly clear over the last decade that those who truly succeed are those who combine technical expertise with strong interpersonal skills.

Diana Bilimoria, PhD

Diana Bilimoria

  • KeyBank Professor
  • Chair of the Department of Organizational Behavior
  • Professor of Organizational Behavior